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What Are Medicare Special Needs Plans in Florida?

Extra care and support for people with low incomes or certain conditions

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are Medicare Advantage plans designed for people diagnosed with certain conditions or diseases, or those with low incomes. It can be hard to have a condition that requires extra health care and equally difficult to cover health costs on fixed or low incomes. That’s why we’re here to support you with extra benefits, drug lists and provider networks tailored to your special needs.

You can get a SNP through Simply Healthcare after you’ve enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Part B. Simply’s SNPs are Medicare Advantage HMO plans, so they cover Medicare Part A and Part B, and also include coverage for prescription drugs, dental, vision and hearing.

Simply offers three Medicare Special Needs Plans:

Chronic conditions special needs plan (C-SNP)

Chronic conditions special needs plan (C-SNP)

Dual-eligible special needs plan (D-SNP)

Dual-eligible special needs plan (D-SNP)

Institutional special needs plan (I-SNP)

Institutional special needs plan (I-SNP)

What’s covered under Simply’s Medicare Special Needs Plans?

Our Medicare Advantage SNPs include Medicare Part A and Part B, but they also cover what Original Medicare does not. In fact, you can get a lot more from a SNP plan than you may know. Some of the valuable benefits and coverage that come with Simply Healthcare’s SNPs include:


$0 monthly plan premiums

$0 copays for primary care doctor visits

$0 copays for dialysis, lab services, diabetes supplies and more

Coverage for routine and enhanced dental, vision, podiatry, hearing care and more

Coverage for prescription drugs

SilverSneakers® membership

Am I eligible for a Chronic Condition SNP?

Simply has C-SNPs for Florida residents who have diabetes, a cardiovascular disorder or chronic heart failure. If you have one of these conditions and live in an area we cover, you can enroll in a C-SNP for coverage catered specifically to your needs.

Most of our Medicare Advantage C-SNPs include prescription drug coverage, as well as $0 monthly premiums, $0 deductibles and $0 copays. Plans vary depending on where you live, and our search tool helps you find and compare what’s in your area.

Am I eligible for a Dual-Eligible SNP?

You can enroll in a D-SNP if you are eligible for Medicare Part A, and enrolled in both Part B and Florida Medicaid, the state’s Medicaid program.

To be eligible for Medicare, you need to be 65 or older or have certain health conditions. Medicaid, on the other hand, is based on income levels instead of age. If your income qualifies for assistance, you can be younger than 65.

Simply offers D-SNPs with coverage for dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs, plus other extras such as meal deliveries and transportation. Coverage and benefits vary from plan to plan, so try our search tool to see what’s available in your ZIP code.

Am I eligible for an Institutional SNP?

You can enroll in an I-SNP if you have Medicare Part A and Part B, and live in one of our network nursing homes or assisted living communities, or other plan-approved locations in Florida.

Simply’s Medicare Advantage I-SNPs have prescription drug coverage, $0 deductibles and low monthly premiums.

Simply’s Medicare Advantage SNP plans are health maintenance organization plans or HMOs. With an HMO, you choose a doctor from our network for your regular care. They direct you to the right specialists when you need them.


If you don’t qualify for a SNP, Simply’s Medicare Advantage plans still offer many similar benefits. You just need to be enrolled in Original Medicare to apply. Check out our shopping tool to help you easily find and compare Medicare Advantage plans available in your area.


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