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Simply Healthcare's Medicare Advantage products are designed with benefits that meet your unique healthcare needs. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver members a health plan experience that is second to none.

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Simply Healthcare Plans, Inc. has a Medicaid Plan for adults and children enrolled in the Florida Medicaid program. Members get all regular Medicaid and additional Simply benefits and services at no cost. 

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Clear Health Alliance

Clear Health Alliance is a health plan for people on Medicaid who are living with HIV/AIDS. Members of the plan can see highly trained HIV/AIDS doctors as well as get community services to help them stay well.

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Better Health

Better Health, affiliated and managed by Simply Healthcare Plans, is a health plan providing access to healthcare services to more than 85,000 Medicaid recipients in Florida through a comprehensive network of healthcare providers.

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The Health Library is a great resource to obtain information about your health and health care. Use the various information and links in the Health Library to research health questions about medications, medical conditions, tests, complementary medicine, and treatment options. Every topic is based on the best, most up-to-date medical research. Click here to visit.

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