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You can generally join a Medicare Advantage Plan if you meet these conditions:

  •  You have Part A and Part B
  •  You live in the plan's service area
  •  You don't have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant) except under certain circumstances
Note: to enroll in a Special Needs Plans (SNP), some additional requirements apply such as:
  •  You have both Medicare and Medicaid
  •  You are a resident and or agree to reside in a nursing home that has a contract with the plan
  •  You are living in the community but require the same level of care as someone in a nursing home
  •  Meet certain eligibility requirements for Chronic Special Needs Plans (CSNP)

When Can You Enroll?

You can join, switch, or drop a Medicare Advantage Plan at these times:
  •  When you first become eligible for Medicare
  •  If you have Medicare due to a disability
  •  Between October 15 - December 7
  •  Between January 1 through March 31st, you can enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan or disenroll from your Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare. Individuals may make only one election during this year.
There may be special circumstances that allow you to enroll outside of the time periods listed above, including:
  •  If you move out of your plan's service area
  •  If you have both Medicare and Medicaid
  •  If you qualify for "Extra Help"
  •  If you live in an institution
  •  Other special circumstances
Member's and Plan's Rights and Responsibilities Upon Disenrollment (English / Spanish)
Last Updated: 
October 1, 2018