NFL Player Marvin Wilson and Teammates Host Free Football Camp for Area Youth and Foster Children

Second Annual Marvin & Friends Youth Football Camp Sponsored by Simply Healthcare Plans


March 1, 2022


TALLAHASSEE, FL — Philadelphia Eagles NFL player and Florida State Seminoles Football alumnus Marvin Wilson returned to Tallahassee today for the second annual Marvin & Friends Youth Football Camp, sponsored by Simply Healthcare Plans (“Simply”).


“I am grateful for another successful youth football camp, where we had the opportunity to invite kids out to the field, teach them the fundamentals of football and talk about the importance of taking care of their mental health,” said Wilson. “I was touched to see so many young faces working hard to achieve their dreams and become a better version of themselves.”


“Exercise provides tremendous mental and physical health benefits, and boosts our overall happiness and wellbeing,” said Holly Prince, President of Simply. “As part of Simply’s ongoing commitment to the whole health of the communities we serve, we are proud to partner with Marvin’s Movement and GameTime Prep to provide our next generation the tools and resources they need to improve their physical and mental health so that they can achieve bright and healthy futures.”


Fellow NFL players Kary Vincent, Jr., of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Hamsah Nasirildeen of the New York Jets joined Wilson to lead area youth and foster children in football drills, yoga and other activities. GameTime Prep, a nonprofit established by Ed Hill to support youth, hosted the no-cost event in partnership with Marvin’s Movement.


“GameTime Prep started as an organization aimed at helping young men play football at the next level and attend college,” said Ed Hill, CEO and Founder of GameTime Prep. “We soon realized the youth in our community needed more than just developing their athletic abilities; they needed assistance developing the strength to ask for help when the game of life gets challenging. Today’s event was an incredible time of encouragement and training, both physically and mentally, for the children in our community.”


Florida State Seminoles Football players joined the event, led the children in yoga exercises and spoke about the importance of maintaining proper mental health and utilizing mental health resources like


With new pressures from social media and the COVID-19 pandemic, children face unprecedented challenges and need support and resources to navigate their mental health. To support families throughout Florida who are struggling with mental health, Simply developed an online resource that aims to help children, families, teachers, and advocates navigate mental health challenges facing children. For more information visit


About Simply Healthcare Plans


Simply Healthcare Plans, Inc. (“Simply”), is a Florida managed health care plan that serves Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members in the state of Florida. In addition, Simply, through a line of business called Clear Health Alliance, also serves Florida Medicaid members who are living with HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to provide healthcare and related services that are comprehensive, integrated and patient centered. Each and every day, members of our team can be found in Florida communities, listening to our members, interacting with our health care providers and partnering with community-based organizations. Our goal is to ensure members and entire communities are empowered to become active participants in their health care and sustain healthy lifestyles. To learn more about Simply, visit


About GameTime Prep


GameTime Prep originated in Tallahassee, Florida. In 2015, our organization was created with the intention of helping young student athletes in our community achieve their dreams of playing football at the next level. We trained and mentored these young men with the hope that it would aid them in accomplishing their goal of becoming a college athlete. As they went on to be successful, GameTime Prep grew. Through our experiences, we learned that the youth in our community not only needed help developing their athletic abilities, but to be truly successful they had to have an understanding of finances, access to health care and strength to ask for help when the game of life gets challenging. We have expanded our mission to help the youth in our community to become the best versions of themselves by fostering their dreams and giving them the tools they will need to fulfill their goals. We are thankful for all of the support we have received to make our dreams a reality.


About Marvin’s Movement

Marvin Wilson is determined to make a difference for the youth in our community. By partnering with GameTime Prep, Marvin’s Movement became less of an idea and more of a reality. Since June of 2020, Marvin Wilson & GameTime Prep have held Financial Literacy courses, Marvin’s Magical Christmas Shopping Spree at Target and the Annual Marvin Wilson & Friends Youth Football Camps for K-12th graders. Marvin’s dream is to ensure the next generation is armed with the knowledge they need to thrive financially and the resources they need to stay physically and mentally healthy. As we continue to help kids soar, it is Marvin’s hope that they will have the tools they need to be the best versions of themselves and leave a positive impact on society.